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Beardstown High School
Class of 1985

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Classmate List & Email Links

Richard Armstrong
Terry Anderson
Julie A. Ballance
Nicole S. Beard
Tony Belville
Tim Best
Mike Bettis
Gerry Booth
Kim Booth
Sean Booten
Dawn Brewer Seward
Reeda Briggs
Travis Brockschmidt
Missy Cater
Eric Chrzanowski
Todd Coil
David Collins
Tami L. Connor Schlueter
Diana Cooper
Rhonda Dawson
Connie Demy
Doug DeWitt
Brian Dour
Dan Durell
Frank Emerick
Tom Feigl
Larry Ferrero
Misty Fox
Dawn Frakes
Scott Frankenrelder
Jim Genseal
Keith Grant
Pat Guinn
Randi Hack Kirchner
Emily Hager
Lynn Hager
Terry Hansen
Wendy Harbin
Todd Harris
Bob Hay
Penny Hefley
Dennis Heller
Tracey Herron
Leasa Hill Summey
Mary Ann Hill
Bobbie Hobrock Logsdon
Vern Hoenes
Cheryl Hoffman
Pat Hudson
Debra Hull
Lori Huston
Eric Icenogle
Lisa Jamison
Maureen Jansen
Kevin Kennedy
Ron Lauder
Dan Lindley
Opie Lyles
Tracey Mahnken Parsons
Terri Jo Malcomson
Kelly McCoy
Shelly McCoy
Amy McLain
Teresa Moore Snyder
Ty Olson
Allison Patterson
Gina Peacock
Tanya Peacock
Jill Pearson
Pam Perry
Jeanie Rawlins
Tracey Relley
Trey Reither
Sallie Reller
Gary Root
Joe Ross
Penny Schaeffer Smith
Teena Scheer Carey
Tom Schlueter
Jeanie Schnake
Bob Schultz
Teresa Shinall
Chris Smith
Brad Spears
Jon Stock
Jeff Stover
Cathy Stuckman
Lora Sumner
Lucy Tomlyn
Scott Trentz
Mike Veith
Penny Warden
Jamie Weakley
Tammy Wharton
Zina Wilder
Frannie Wright
Elaine Young
Andy Anderson
Brian Burget
Steve Davidson
Daryl Jockisch
Doug Lawson
Rhonda Large
Sherry Neff
Gary Story

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