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Beardstown High School
Class of 1965

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Classmate List & Email Links

Linda Lynn
Don Jones
Diana McGill
Baird Mathews
Maurice Lehmkuhl
June Carls Conner
Mike Cornell
Cynthia Green
Mike Harris
Diana Cooper
Robert Smith
Patty Lindle
Mary Anne Dotzert Babic
Carlence Clark
Regina Hobrock
Bijan Tamadon
Toni Taylor
Mike Loughary
Robert Fox
Robert Northcutt
Tom Hyde
Sue Hunter
Mike Rahn
Sharon Deacon Schaeffer
Mike Walters
Judy Swan
Jack Parks
Peggy Musgrove
Phyllis Briggs
Robert Hale
Connie Brown
Pat Veron
Cathy Brown
Bill McCombs
Grace Hermetet
Doug Grimes
George McClure
Judy Ruppel
John Ashcraft
Margaret Hunter
George Broeker
Ulinda Fair
Dan McCausland
Wilberta Long Taylor
Vicki Hiles
Bill Farmer
Carol Grimes
Mike Frank
Sharon Walter
Bill Self
Kathy Anderson
Joe Bertetto
Jerry Zillion
Linda Spencer
John Carl
Marjorie Monger Shaw
Bill Smith
Carla Hammel
Joe Brown
Sue Campbell
Brenda Wedeking
Norman Bach
Judy Spencer
Jerry Gorsage
Mary Jo Beard
Rick Wubker
Loawana Leach
Allen Schaeffer
Mark Morgan
Patsy Kirschner
Ronnie Rohlfing
Norma Schwalb
Kenny Carls
Judy Saylor
Tom Lashbrook
Carol Foster
Linda Dorsey
Carl Schroeder
Katy Phillips
Mike Massie
Brian Todd
Nancy Lee
Harold Collins
Charles Hance
Jim Daniels
Susie Warden
David Taylor
Maxine Southwell
Terry Tandy
Terry Cooper
Bruce Schwalb
Linda Scheer
Georgia Lancaster
Charles Dawson
John Smith
James Thurman
Tom Looman
Tom Cooper
John Schnepper
Richard Moss
Sue Adkins
Carlita Adkinson
Rowland Atwood
Bill Blake
Judy Bresnahan
Cecil Collins
Linda Conrad
Donald Davis
Bill Davison
Harold Dawson
Betty Dupoy
Tom Dugger
Dennis Dyche
Kenny Fair
Dwayne French
Steve Hankins
Darlene Harris
Sharon Hogg
Violet Knouse
Donald Knowles
Sue Lael
Bill LaMaster
Dixie Lisenbee
Brenda Mefford
Tom McGovern
Patricia Montgomery
Wayne Montgomery
Elsie Oettle
Jerry Peacock
Mary Pherigo
Sue Pilger
Pauline Roth
Harlan Self
Larry Simpson
Merry Sherrill
Janet Shinall
Betty Spoon
Mike Taylor
Peggy Turner
Bonnie Van Giesen
Sharon Walters
Virginia Wessel
Mike Wilhite
Billy Yeager

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