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Beardstown High School
Class of 1958

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Classmate List & Email Links

Janet Anderson
Carl Applegate
Sandra Applegate
Rethyle Baker
Marilyn Bates
Butch Bell
Linda Bishop
Margaret Bullerdick
Barbara Calder
Ronnie Carls
Tom Carls
Ernie Davis
Dick DeSollar
Ronnie Dorsey
Charlene Dour
Mike Dyche
Don Ferran
Garnet Florey
Jack Gaines
Betty Gartner
Jerry Gibbons
Lois Ann Goodell
William Gray
George Guinn
Carl Haber
Mike Hager
Ted Hageman
Corbett Ham
Jack Harris
Jeanne Haynes
Kallie Hendricker
James Hermetet
Donald Herron
Dixie Holthoff
Larry Hutson
Mary Icenotle
Judy Knecht
Bill Knous
Carolyn Korte
Sharon Major
Joann Maltby
Margaret McGinnis
Marilyn Meyer
Allen Myer
James Peck
Annis Riggall
Carolyn Ryan
Betty Jo Saylor
Bill Sexton
Karen Sherrill
David Skiles
Jim Spears
Bob Spears
Don Summey
Mary Alice Summey
Marilyn Thompson
Kenneth Thrower
Virginia Vieira
Earlene Vincent
Joyce Vincent
John Warden
Jim Weiss
Patricia Wessel Day
Becky Wibye
Nancy Yancey
Allen Zeeck

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