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Beardstown High School
Class of 1954

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Classmate List & Email Links

Jeanne Hart
Jerry Wedeking
Marianne Steele
Ronnie Harden
Barbara Thrower
Cleon Launer
Robert McCullough
Marguerite Buck
Don Stumper
Carolyn Murray
Charlotte Harre
Robert Hagener
Shirley Maltby
Phillip Seaborn
Jerry Ramsey
Beverly Marshall
Jerry Gardner
Kay Cannon
Alice Canada
Alan Mouser

Joe Newingham
Betty Ann Avery
Sallee Elmore
Ray Ruppel
Opal Cowan
Paul Booth
Bill Fouts
Carole Myers
Gerald Launer
Marilyn Jolly
Royna Meyer
Freddie Baird
Mary Smith
Don Cooper
Don Petri
Jo Ann Warden
Robert Wessel
Marilyn Mason
Betty Harre
Ernie Bins
Fredericka Weber
Kenneth Clement
Pauline Florey
Tom Bollhorst
Ruth Deming
Joe Long
Robert Hommel
Jacqulyn Edwards
Don Large
Joyce Lashbrook
Dixie Thompson
Bill French
Patricia Logsdon
Glen Renner
Bill Ingle
Patricia Spears Wessel
Michael Long
Sandra Jackson
Lee Ann Lendreth
Dale McHenry
Margaret Livingston
Laverne Roegge
Robert Lewis
Peggy Baer
Norma Rebman Paisley
Leo Roy Carlock
Richard Dick
Dona Perry
Robert Krohe
Kay Genseal
Mildred Ryan
Thomas Lindley
Sondra Miller
Guy Trone
Claralee Davidsmeyer
Margie Baker
Louis Franks
Harrell Hagener
Barbara McClure
Joyce Ferguson
David R. Holmes

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