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Beardstown High School
Class of 1953

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Classmate List & Email Links

Keith Jockisch
Bonnie Kistner
Fed Wedeking
Nancy Griggs
Helen Ross
Noel "Bud" Clark
Patricia Surratt
Don Mallicoat
Ila Riggall
Raymond Taylor
Tom Brewer
Mary Ellen Cansino
Barbara Edwards
Ronald Pate
Pauline Howe
Eddie Treadway
Wanda Childers
Ronnie Scherrer
Stanley Patterson
Barbara Phelps
Shirley Matthews
Earl McKenzie
Don Welborne
Delores Williams
Jeanne Hardwick
Richard Weimer
Shirley Carls
Ray Thompson
Tom Loughary
Rosanne Ruppel
Beverly Hiatt
Samuel Scheets
Gordon Samson
Sharon Gaushell
Bill Spears
Blanche Lovekamp
Shirley Dawson
Bernard Lucas
Dixie Holtman
George Newingham
Pauline Moore
Nancee Phelps
Gladys Herron
Marilyn Gust
Flossie Yancey
Joyce Releford
Charles Moeller
Jack Summey
Helen Parks
Sharon Seward
John Utter
Donald Patterson
Dick Knott
John Appet
Kay Stucke
Jean Heller
Joann McClure
Elmer Scheer
Donald Shelton
Barbara Keith
Jane Showalter
Rodney Elmore
Mitchell Smith
Bob Burget
Vivian Anderson
Janie Cooper
Jesse Elmore
Bud Huston
Willene Leonhard

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