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Beardstown High School
Class of 1950

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Classmate List & Email Links

Jean Parry
Bill McHaley
Rose Collins
Richard Moore
Joan Reynolds
Harry Webber
Lois Efaw
Don Ogilvie
Nellie McGill
Richard Gramann
Betty Cansino
Jack Hageman
Jean Bull Sears
Donald Summey
Ben Phillips
Franklin Fair
Richard Shouse
Bernita Kistner
Roy Bowen
Patsy Anderson
Joyce Campbell
Thomas Burget
Henry Schwalb
Marie Smith
Jack DeWitt
William Hults
Larry Avery
May Belle Staley
Dale Lovekamp
Mary Lou Welborn
Gene Ferran
Mary Ann Brubeck
Byron Dorsey
Mary Weber Jones
Betty Ann Hungerford
Ghlee Renner
JoAnne White
Jim Seward
Barbara Cooper
Jack Defenbaugh

Pat Patterson
Betty Lou Baehr
Kenneth Lux
Barbara Rebman
Mary Ann Davis
John Best
Mary Lou Applegate
Richard Seaman
Daretta Taylor Workman Bingham
Kenneth Dotzert
Rosella Savage
Cleo Anderson
Warren Seaman
Lee Ann Logsdon
Marilyn Hobrock Sinn
Robert Adams
Helen Robertson
Pat Brewer
Ann Parry Brewer
Richard Stumpf
Herbert Kloker
Betty Anderson
Quentin Edris
Dorothy Winters Schone
Bob Yost
Shirley McHaley
Bob Sinnock
Charley Faye Curry
Roger Brockschmidt
Sally Reick

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