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Beardstown High School
Class of 1947

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Classmate List & Email Links

Marvin Daniel
Homer Rohn
Marilyn Ellis
Virginia Fast
Kermit Pilger
Jim Koppleman
Joan Haworth
Donna Bollhorst
Bill Boyer
Jane Flowers
Imogene Krusie
Clifford Lewis
Bob Petri
Darlene Krohe
Helen Thomas
Bob Davis
Wendall Bader
Kay Howey
Myra Taylor
Milton Meyer
Bill Patterson
Pat Sinnock
Pat Givens
Sonny Brockschmidt
Henry DeLoche
Lois Adkinson
Annabelle Hederich
Jim Herron
Delbert Brooks
Majorie Brooks
Clarice Anderson
Albert Mulligan
Willis Harre
Mary Lou Winters
Dorothy Miller
Frank Privia
Cecil Moore
Betty Rose Hixon
Margaret Jackson
Tom Crafton
Harold Weimer
Betty Lamb
Maryrose Panos
Bill Daniel
Herbert Walls
Glenna Krieg
Ruth Schaefer
Dale Logsdon

Bob Caster
Mary Toland
Eleanor Winner
Norman Cloyes
Lloyd Trone
Annabelle Little
Lois Halliday
Bill Meyer
Norma Kuhlmann
Harry Murray
Bill France
Norman Genseal

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