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Beardstown High School
Class of 1946

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Classmate List & Email Links

Jack Genseal
Ruth Price
Bentley Beghtol
Ralph Wessel
Dorothy Weber
Howard Lancaster
Lois Kuhn
Mary Moran
Clyde Gibble
Shirley Brockschmidt
Ted Curtin
Mary Logsdon
Eileen Huston
Virginia Kruse
Dorothy Shouse
Francis Smith
Davalie Krieg
Bettie Patterson
Edward Kloker
Maxine Wetherell
Rosemary Livingston
Jim Upchurch
Mary Van Horn Baker
Marian Schall
Nelson Watson
Frances Lucas
Ruth Doll
Verna Fowler
Bettie Meyer
Leland Seaman
Carolyn Cooper
Robert Kupfer
Betty Caldwell
Lydia Mitchelel
Eldon Fegley
Phyllis Crisman
Gertrude Fast
Phyllis Shouse
Phillis Alcorn
Carlos Treadway
Bettie Brubeck
Beatrice Krieg
Robert Applegate
Dorothy Osborn
Maizie Angier
Jeanette Zinn
Joan Meyer
Ben Jamison
Betty Becker
Betty Spoon
Geraldine Sherrill
Loren Osborne
Eugene Clayton
Paul Wessel
Edward Howard
Jean Harre
Mary Lou Hederich
Charlotte Persigehl
Jessie Wood
Dick Lashbrook
Danny Hults
Dorothy Petri
Bill Hixon
Bill Wohlfarth
Norma Jean Haberman
Elmer Harn
Keith Schuman
Cairl Cooper
Gale Avery
Mary Jane Hays
John Haist
Loren Baker
Rosemary Higgason
Philip Jokisch
Ruth Irene Riggall
Colleen Phelps
Iva Large
Dale Morrell
Larry Kistner
Jack Coil
Lee Farrar
Jimmy Townsend
Louis Alverez

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