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Beardstown High School
Class of 1928

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Classmate List

Alfred Schultz
Donald Bins
Mary Braden
Mary Wallace
Mary Braden
Clarence Hiles
Walter Phillipi
Josephine Robinson
Mary Wallace
Marvin Williams
Valeria Epting
Annabel Crafton

Laura Thompson
Howard Sites
Howard O'Rielly
Kathryn Lindley
Louise Haire
George Jump
Robert Martin
Wallace Pitt
Marie Hiles
Donald Jones
Zina Grimes
Theodore Schweer
Ruth Schewe
Clarence Carls
Pauline Bandy
William Watson
Norma Looman
Donald Bins
William Patterson
Mayme Mills
Glenna Martin
Gretchen McCarthy
Roscoe Brockhouse
Gladys Unland
Helena Willard
Violet Simmons
John Preckwinkle
Catherine Coleman
Dorothy Coil
Alfred Schultz
Bernice Meyer
Mildred Best
 Elta Unland
Glenn Wedeking
Grace Volkmar
Selma Brockschmidt
Paul Nordsiek
Elizabeth Savage
Dorothy Booth
Harold Taylor
Leo Hagener
Frances Dyche
Leo Hobrook
Thomas Phelps

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