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Beardstown High School
Class of 1926

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Classmate List

James Carnahan
Blanche Hanks
Margaret Hobrock
Carl Looman
Gladys Blank
Virgil Reither
Jessie Harmon
Fenton Powell
Alma Grimes
Blanche Hanks
Evan Butler
Estelle Peak
Gilbert Bridgman
Josephine Parker
Frances Savage
Hazel Mallory
George McKnight
Courine Wilson
Mary Traut
Morena Stucke
Milton Ward
Ione Ransom
Francis Whitenack
Mildred Kahl
Leta Ruyle
John White
Alberta Coil
Earluth Epting
Paul Caldwell
Dorothy Nolden
Walter Millard
Delia Carls
Alicia Millard
Paul Cravens
Frances Lamphier
Ruth Weller
Lila Phelps
Edwin Andell
Ruth Bell
Glen Krohe
Mary McNabb
Grace Huey
Clarence Gabbert
Georgia Carls
Alberta Steadman
Eugene Brodman
Edna Carls
Irene DeWitt

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