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Beardstown High School
Class of 1914

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Classmate List

Finis Baujan
Kenneth Coleman
Irene Clinton
Eunice Chalfant
Rowland Crum
Rosa Diehl
Floyd Ebers
Ruth Elam

Hallie Flickwir
Raymond Fuller
Harold Gladhill
Vernon Gillenwater
Raymond Gross
Horace Goodell
Elmer Huss
Lenora Halligan
Edna Huss
Rose Marie Howey
Francis Halligan
Jane Kennedy
Herbert Knight
Lloyd Kuhlman
Freda Knippenberg
Wayne Leary
Eva Lucking
William Liscom
Mabel Munson
Lorena Meyer
Frank Meyer
William Merz
Howard Norville
Hester Osgood
Hermenia Orwig
Madrona Prince
Floyd Parry
George Prince
Mildred Reiley
Roswell Robertson
Russell Ruppel
Delia Shaw
Mildred Southwell
Alice Schmoldt
Ona Sayre
Mayme Stucke
Harold Steadman
Alleene Thiehoff
Clifford Unruh
Marie Wise

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