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Beardstown High School
Class of 1903

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Classmate List

Audrey Barm Yates
Beatrice Benson Hough
Mayme Collins Kendall
Charles Day
William Doyle
Chas. E. Ebers
Nettie Edison Routt
Bailey Fulks
Theresa Greenmeyer Nolden
Louis Hagener
Maude Hewitt Brockman
Alta Knight Garm
Alma Krammerer Strain
Alice Kricke
Anna Kuhl Von Fossen
Clara Kuhl Jenkins
Ethel McKenzie Ebners
Rex Palmer
Mable Rhineberger Robbins
Norman Robertson
Maud Schaeffer Hillisv
Luella Simms Deppe
Harry Stout
Winifred Whiteford Winhold

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